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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Harold Lloyd in New York

It's a snowy Saturday night in Germantown, NY, but about 50 people came out for a fundraising potluck dinner and a screening of SAFETY LAST with Harold Lloyd, with my live synth accompaniment. Joanna, who would normally play percussion and sing, was in Florida, lucky girl, so I did the show myself. Lots of little kids, which was great, including a blond-haired 7 yr. old girl who came up to me beforehand and asked, wide-eyed, "Are you really going to play the piano?" Yes, I said, not just really, but 4-reeely!" I explained what that meant. Later she came back again and asked, "Are you really going to four play?" I thought about that one for a minute and went back to my earlier explanation...

The film went well, people loved it, most had never seen a silent with live music. They asked questions and bought DVDs. Emma, the girl, it turns out, plays piano and won a local competition for creating a piano piece, which was sent on to the next level. So I expect to see her name in lights someday.

I finished scoring TOKYO CHORUS and PASSING FANCY for the Criterion box set, and am working to finish I WAS BORN BUT... in the next two days, then start on a wonderful project I will write about next week.


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